Scott Weiss, MD
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Bio:  Scott L. Weiss, MD MSCE FCCM is an Assistant Professor and Pediatric Intensivist at the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He completed medical school at Harvard, pediatric residency at Boston Children’s Hospital, and pediatric critical care fellowship at Northwestern/Lurie Children’s Hospital.  He currently serves as the co-Vice Chair for the SCCM/ESICM Pediatric Surviving Sepsis Campaign Taskforce. Dr. Weiss’ academic focus is pediatric sepsis and his NIH-funded research focuses on epidemiology and mitochondrial dysfunction in pediatric sepsis, including risk factors, biomarkers, and mechanisms of sepsis-induced immune dysregulation and organ dysfunction.  The driving hypothesis for his work is that alterations in mitochondrial bioenergetics contribute to organ injury and immune dysregulation in a subset of children with sepsis, and he recently reported direct evidence that oxidative phosphorylation is impaired in circulating immune cells from critically ill children with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS).  The long-term goal of Dr. Weiss’ translational research program is to identify a targeted therapeutic approach to augment mitochondrial bioenergetics that will improve clinical outcomes for children with sepsis-associated immune dysregulation and organ injury.