Drew Schwartz, MD, PhD
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Drew J. Schwartz, MD, PhD.

Drew Schwartz, MD, PhD is currently a 2nd year pediatric physician scientist (PePSTP) fellow in the division of Infectious Diseases at Washington University School of Medicine. He is the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society-St. Jude fellow in basic research from 2018-2020 and is developing a gnotobiotic mouse model to study why preterm neonates are particularly susceptible to infection in the context of antibiotics in the laboratory of Gautam Dantas, PhD. He finished internship and residency at St. Louis Children’s hospital in 2015. Prior to that, Drew received his MD and PhD degrees from Washington University School of Medicine, obtaining his PhD in molecular microbiology and microbial pathogenesis in the laboratory of Scott Hultgren, PhD where he studied the host-pathogen interaction in E. coli urinary tract infections. Drew completed his undergraduate degree at Duke University and is therefore and avid Duke basketball fan.